Is your city made for physical activities? Is it runnable?

ActiCity is a project made for aiding the design of cities that promote physical activities of its citizens.


What is ActiCity?

ActiCity is an initiative set up to examine and enhance the built form of cities in order to promote physical activities. It currently focuses on running as one of the most simple forms of exercising that is available to almost everyone.

ActiCity introduces the concept of runnability which is a measure of assessing how suitable an area for running.

ActiCity has been founded by Sławomir Ledwoń – architect, urban planner, researcher and triathlete.

Slawomir Ledwoń

What is runnability?

Runnability is and indicator that describes how an area is suitable for running. It is an aspect resulting from the built form, environment and surroundings. In other words how the setting encourages people to exercise by running. I am currently working on developing an index methodology to asses the runnability of cities on a comparative manner.

Basic elements that comprise allow running in the cities are:


Are the natural and climate factors suitable? Do they differ throughouth the year?


What are the cultural needs? Is running embedded in the culture?


Is the built form of the city allowing running? How easy and convenient is it to mmove around?


Does the runner feel motivated? Why do they want to run? What are their goals?

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